About H2O Guy Environmental Services

Founded in 2010, H2O Guy Environmental Services is dedicated to providing quality service to homeowners, businesses big and small, and municipal entities including schools, townships and cities. Owner Ian Schrauf has over 20 years of experience managing treatment plants, working with policies and policy makers, training others in rules and regulations, and servicing home wastewater treatment systems. Ian believes in providing the highest quality in a timely manner to all customers.

About Ian Schrauf

Ian has spent the last 20 plus years working in the Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment field.  He has run treatment plants of all sizes from small municipal plants to residential septic systems.  Ian has also spent a number of years providing continuing education and technical assistance to water treatment plant operators in Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  He enjoys helping to solve problems and helping systems to return to compliance.  Ian takes pride in the idea that he can act as an advocate/interpreter to help regulators, engineers and water or wastewater system operators find common ground to bring a system into compliance while maintaining a level of sustainability by finding common sense solutions.

During his free time Ian enjoys spending time with his wife traveling in their small camper as well as hiking, biking and being on or in the water.


  • VT Grade 3 Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
  • VT Grade 3 Water Treatment Plant Operator
  • MA Grade 4 Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
  • MA Title 5 System Inspector
  • NEWWA Certified Backflow Prevention Device Inspector
  • M.S. Resource Management & Conservation Antioch University New England (2012)
  • B.S. Environmental Studies SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (1987)
  • A.A.S. Ecology & Environmental Technology Paul Smith’s College (1985)